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Cindy Theys

Cindy Theys

Co-fondatrice Nomadity - coach et formatrice - Certified Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles

Coaching de vie
Mission de vie
Certified Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles
Confiance en soi
44 ans
Durbuy (6940) Belgique
Entrepreneure Ouverte aux opportunités
Être formatrice n’est pas seulement un travail à mes yeux, c’est ma vocation, un engagement quotidien envers mes clients et la réussite de leurs projets.

Ma mission est d'accompagner les personnes à réaliser leurs aspirations profondes et retrouver la paix intérieure et l'amour de soi.

Mon objectif est de permettre à chacun de (re)trouver du sens dans sa vie, dépasser ses addictions et peurs pour vivre sa mission de vie.

Awakening the species avec Neale Donald Walsch


Janvier 2019 à février 2019
Programme de développement spirituel "The 16 Steps Of Spiritual Evolution"
Modules, options, contenu des cours
  • Week 1
    Understanding God, Identity and Highly Evolved Beings. Plus an exploration and immersion into the first 2 behaviors.
  • Week 2
    Understand how your “Say and Do Congruence” massively influences your life and how you can master it.How you can powerfully transform the world by simply observing what works and what doesn’t.
  • Week 3
    Overcome the scarcity mindset and watch as abundance flows into all levels of your life. This goes beyond ‘kindergarden personal growth’ tools like creative visualization.
    Understand do we own our possessions or are we owned by them? Here’s a way to step beyond this concept on a higher level.
  • Week 4
    Your role in the environment. The connection between the way we treat ourselves and the way we treat the environment.
    Understanding self-poisoning.
    Why competition actually stops growth. You’ll learn how competition should be replaced with cooperation to create a world where everyone wins.
  • Week 5
    Bringing it all together and giving you a new vision of yourself and your role in the world.
    While songs talk about love all the time most people don’t understand what True Love is. You will and learn how to apply it to your life.
    The concept of metaphysics.
    Self-knowledge is the ultimate goal. Whether you call it Enlightenment or any other term, you will get the tools to know yourself.